Welcome to Afina – where we are passionate about pets! We believe that the modern day stresses require modern solutions to optimize pet health and well-being.


Vickie and Arana met twelve years ago when Vickie welcomed Captain Henry Morgan, a blue great dane puppy, into her home when Morgan was 8 weeks old. Morgan’s sire was Arana’s beloved great dane dog, Cash, who became the first blue great dane in the history of the breed to win an All-Breed Best in Show. A mutual passion both of us have always shared is a love of blue great danes. The word “Afina” means “blueberry”. We often refer to our blue great danes as “blueberries”. Hence Afina, our company, was born.




Afina’s story began almost three years ago, when 8 year old Morgan and Vickie’s 13 year old springer spaniel, Casey Louise, started to show signs of old age and chronic illness. Both of these beloved members of her family seemed to need something added to their traditional veterinary treatment plans – to provide additional comfort to the aging process. So began a course of daily CBD supplements that produced amazing results within days. So dramatic were the results that we decided to search for the highest quality, organic, full spectrum CBD products we could share with the world.

Afina’s mission is to provide modern day solutions to the modern stresses of everyday life to optimize pet health and well-being.



Our pets are such important parts of our everyday lives – they are integral members of our families. They provide us with companionship, emotional support, reduce our stress levels, and sense of loneliness. They help us to get out and socialize, and they add to our children’s self-esteem and positive emotional development. Living with an animal, or even just visiting one, can have health benefits, including improvements in mental, social and physical health. That’s not just based on anecdotes — a number of scientific studies have validated this truth.   It’s no secret – pets are good medicine!


The decision to provide you with the highest quality, fairly priced products for all life stages was easy for us. Afina’s founders have a shared affinity and rich experience in the fields of science and technology for over 30 years. Vickie was a CIO for a Johnson & Johnson franchise, one of the largest health and wellness companies in the world. Arana worked at Control Data Corporation before becoming a consultant to its founder, William C. Norris. Vickie has spent the last 8 years as owner of health and wellness products under the name The Smells Good Store and has developed natural products under the name Simple By Nature. Arana has been a great dane fancier (breeder, LA Danes) for the past 25 years, and has been a student of canine nutrition for over 30 years. Vickie and Arana also continue to advance their learning in the area of health. Vickie completed a certification as a Master Herbalist (2015) , and Arana has studied essential oils with the Tisserand Institute (2018).


Our premium products reflect a close partnership with local organic farms and manufacturing plants in Colorado. Our own pets, and those of our friends and veterinarians, have seen how hemp extracts can enhance quality of life at all life stages. And, now we proudly offer them to a wide audience. We welcome your feedback and your input will help us to continually refine our product selection process! We hope you visit our website here at www.AfinaShop.com and our Facebook page often and become an active part of our growing community!



Arana and Vickie