Afina's 250 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – Unflavored

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Afina Hemp Extract 250mg in 1fl oz

Veterinarian Formulated, Veterinarian Recommended



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This is unflavored tincture with hemp oil and full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

Concentration: One drop equals just under 0.5 mg (0.42mg). 5 drops of tincture = 1 chew = 2mg 


Each 1 oz tincture contains full spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich oil derived from industrial hemp with approximately 30 servings. This is not hemp seed oil, this is the nutrient rich oil that is extracted from a mature industrial hemp plant via our proprietary extraction technique that ensures each product is solvent-free, with ZERO-THC, and grown from NON-GMO industrial hemp plants that have been cared for with organic farming practices.


Use this unflavored tincture for dogs, cats, horses that may want an unflavored tincture.


Dosing for dogs and cats has been established by Dr. Robert Silver, DVM. Dr. Robert Silver achieved his lifetime goal of becoming a veterinarian when he graduated from Colorado State University's (CSU) College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. Dr. Silver has been using phytocannabinoids to help animals for nearly 20 years.*


Ingredients (Tincture): Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (NO THC), Hemp Seed Oil.



1fl oz bottle, shipping weight 3ozafina-cbd-for-dogs-horizontal-icon-block.png

Dimensions: 4" tall by 1.5" round

2018 Farm Bill Compliant






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Reviews (26)

No Panic zone!

Written by Tyrese on Jul 6th 2019

Our three year cat, Tyrese, has much less anxiety after taking Afina 250 mg. The online calculator and customer service helped to find the perfect daily amount and Tyrese is now a laid back dude. Thank you, Afina!

Calm Ms. Kitty

Written by Ms. Kitty on Jul 4th 2019

Ms. Kitty has never been this calm...we give CBD oil every day and she's never been better, Afina! Thank you for your fine products!

Great customer service

Written by Debbie S on Apr 5th 2019

just wanted to say thanks for the late night help getting the right product for our spaniels. Thanks!

Big difference

Written by Jed on Mar 31st 2019

Household is less chaotic now. Our lab isn't a maniac for every loud noise he hears. Thanks.

5 star stuff

Written by Snowbirds on Feb 28th 2019

Was shocked our fur babies like this one - they've refused all the others. Thanks.

Big help

Written by jack on Feb 20th 2019

Much calmer thanks.

Service best

Written by Wendy on Feb 18th 2019

Wow.. What a help you guys were to get the right amount for our LuLu. Thanks so much for late night emails!


Written by Lucy's Mom on Feb 15th 2019

Thanks for the help getting the right choice for Lucy. The calculator rocks!

Top Quality

Written by Aaron on Jan 16th 2019

Afina Rules! Can't beat these products for quality and efficacy!


Written by Young & Ripped on Jan 15th 2019

Results from Afina products are amazing! They have become our "go to" daily supplement!

New Lease on Life

Written by Brad on Jan 14th 2019

Thank you, Afina, for these wonderful products!

Pretty Persian

Written by Out from Under the Bed on Jan 14th 2019

Thank you for getting our persian cat out from under the bed and socializing again!


Written by Meghan on Jan 9th 2019

Afina and our regular veterinary protcol work like magic together! No side effects and improved quality of life.


Written by Dog lovers on Dec 22nd 2018

we have 5 dogs.. Mutts, various sizes.. Some are getting old and stiff, a couple of them get very anxious when we have to leave or loud noises like fireworks. The 250mg works for them all, we keep a little chart for how many drops for each pup near the food.

Great stuff!

Written by Dan on Dec 20th 2018

It's ridiculous how good this works. If your debating like I was, don't.. Just buy. Your welcome


Written by Scott on Dec 17th 2018

We have 2 rescues and both get anxious. We can leave them alone now and not come back to a destroyed house!

Who cares about fireworks now?

Written by Stacy on Dec 15th 2018

The worst night of the year is always July 4. Jack is terrified and it's so bad we don't feel like we can leave him and go out anywhere. Now we give him a few drops of CBD and he's as calm as a cucumber - doesn't matter what loud noises are going on and we feel like we can leave him and have dinner out.

SeIzure help

Written by Happy Camper in Co on Dec 15th 2018

I've been giving my guy pheno-barbitol for seizures for a while. I asked my vet about trying CBD and he was agreeable. Now the CBD does a lot of good and I don't have to give him nearly as much of the Rx.

Like a Pup Again

Written by June on Dec 15th 2018

Our pup is older and was having trouble moving around. Our neighbor suggested CBD and we decided on this one because it's vet approved. Just one drop each day made a big difference and he's playing and having fun in the yard again!


Written by Sassy Sue on Dec 4th 2018

Two Thumbs Up for Afina! Way Up! Afina has been a huge help for our dog who has seizures

Anxious no more

Written by Shatzi Min Pin on Nov 30th 2018

Our min pin, Shatzi, was rescued from a kill shelter in Los Angeles. We think she was 8 years old when we got her. My husband and I had no idea that we were adopting a ball of anxiety!! She was always glued to me, never wandering around the house or the yard by herself, and spending most of the day hiding from people, cats, other dogs, and just about anything that moved. And then there was the nonstop, all day shaking! Afina was a God send for not only Shatzi, but our family. Her anxiety is considerably less while taking her 250 mg. Hemp Oil Supplements for Dogs and Cats, and it's like having a new lease on life! We have a very happy, outgoing dog now. Thank you! Five stars for Afina!

<3 them

Written by Pam on Nov 19th 2018

We purchase Afina Hemp CBD products because they are the only veterinarian formulated product that we've found! And we love the personalized, swift customer service. Thank you, Afina!

Even the cat likes it

Written by Zgrumpy Cat on Nov 16th 2018

Ever try to understand the needs of a cat who is ill - and a lousy communicator anyway? Well, our Franchesa, at 16 years young needed help. We just couldn't find right vet or combination of medicines to ease her anxiety. Then, Afina's tincture came to the rescue! We have a happy Tonkinese thanks to these supplements! Life is good and kitty is ever so much easier to live with now; she's a happy girl!


Written by Old Brit on Nov 14th 2018

Absolutely Brilliant!

Very good

Written by Ben Z. on Nov 5th 2018

Every day we see increased mobility in our arthritic senior dog since giving him Afina's tinctures and chews! Very grateful!


Written by Rex on Jan 16th 2018

Product is amazing! We will continue to re-order these tinctures for our dog, Rex, who suffers from seizures.

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