Afina's CBD Hemp Pellets for Rabbits & Pocket Pets 8oz

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 Afina CBD Hemp Pellets for Rabbits and Pocket Pets

Veterinarian Formulated, Veterinarian Recommended


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Afina Hemp Pellets for Rabbits and Pocket Pets (8 OZ/ .5 LB) are veterinarian formulated for large and small ruminants, reptiles, birds and pocket pets for pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, skin, coat and overall health and wellness.*

Afina’s proprietary formulation of all natural Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Pellets are rich in naturally occurring terpenes, constituents, essential fatty acids and phytochemicals. The minimum guaranteed amount, 0.3% phytocannabinoids, provides 9-10 mg of phytocannabinoids per teaspoon and 25-30 mg of phytocannabinoids per tablespoon.


Made in the USA of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO and organically grown industrial hemp in the world. These extracts are known for their reduction of anxiety, pain, joint pain, arthritis and inflammation and many other ailments!  Recent studies indicate that laying chickens may produce richer egg yolks when supplemented with CBD.*

Afina Hemp Pellets are pressed from organically grown, NON GMO industrial hemp meal, which contains Zero THC and a guaranteed minimum cannabinoid content of 0.3% in dry matter. They have been assayed to contain 20% plant protein, 30% insoluble fiber and 50% complex carbohydrates.

The hemp meal used to make the pellets has been sterilized, sieved, and blended for safety, efficacy, and consistency. A food-grade FDA approved mold inhibitor has been added to the pellets for additional shelf life. We recommend starting with doses as small as 1-2 pellets for birds, chickens, rabbits and ruminants, gradually increasing the dose every few days until maximum results are achieved. Dosing is highly individualized by weight, concentration of CBD and the type and severity of condition being addressed.*

These pellets can be easily administered to a variety of species, rabbits and pocket pets, poultry and pet caged birds, rabbits, etc.

All Afina products are tested by an independent, third party laboratory for yeast, mold, E.Coli, salmonella, heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, and residual solvents. 






Ingredients: ≥ 0.3% Phytocanabinoids, Myco Curb, Apple Ade 

Weight 10oz including bag

Shipping weight approx 14oz

Package dimensions: 5" x 1.75" x 6.5" 






Reviews (15)

Great product + Wonderful Customer service

Written by Kaiya on Oct 27th 2019

My rodents seem to enjoy the hemp pellets. I have noticed an improvement to my mice's anxiety. They are normally very shy and anxious to come out and be around me, but after a week of eating the hemp pellets they have seemed to come out of their shells a bit and are willing to interact with me. I feed these to my hamsters as well, and they seem to enjoy them as an additive to their normal meals. Two hamsters have hydrocephalus, so I was most interested in purchasing the hemp pellets to hopefully continue to improve their quality of life. So far there have been good results with this. Both have been more active lately, and one has improved behaviorally with her anxiety as well. They are much more curious and interested in spending time with me. I did have a bit of trouble receiving the parcel, but after contacting the Afina team everything was sorted out. They treated me very well and I was very pleased with their service. I would be happy to order this item again and am confident the Afina team can help me should any problems arise in the future. Thanks Afina!


Written by Helen on Jul 21st 2019

Our kids love their Hamster, and he loves his daily CBD. Love Afina products!


Written by Blaine on Jul 19th 2019

Eggs never, ever tasted so good! Pellets daily for our chickens!


Written by Bunnylove on Jul 11th 2019

Bunnylove is our wonderful French Lop rabbit and she is an important part of the family. She absolutely loves Afina's CBD hemp's part of our daily regime and it keeps her skin and coat beautifully shiny!!! Love Afina products, so thank you!

Great Stuff

Written by Lilith on Jul 6th 2019

Was a little shy about using CBD, but totally a fan! We raise chickens and sell their eggs....our product has never been better, chickens never healthier! Great job, Afina!

Thank you, Afina

Written by Dave on Jul 2nd 2019

Two words....BIG THANKS! Love the daily CBD pellets for our fur kids!

Great Coats

Written by Chinchilla Farm on Jun 30th 2019

def an improvement seen in the coats!

Big Thanks

Written by Blaze on Jun 29th 2019

Chickens are doing awesome! Eggs have never tasted better, so big, big thanks Afina!

Pellets Rule

Written by Ms. Martin on Jun 27th 2019

Been feeding our rabbits Afina CBD Pellets. Got to say, makes a big difference in keeping them calm, great for skin and coats! Thanks so much for a great product!

A "Clucky" Find!

Written by Gene on Jun 14th 2019

Got "clucky" to find a great CBD vendor. Turned to Afina when my vendor ran out of stock. The yolks from our laying hens are richer and tastier than ever. So happy with Subscribe and Save and my chickens love the pellets. Thanks, Afina!

Bird shed

Written by Bird Woman on Jan 9th 2019

Our parrot was pulling feathers out like crazy and clearly mad about something. Just a few of these pellets have made the difference! Beautiful bird again :)

5 Stars!

Written by Van on Jan 5th 2019

Can't say enough about Afina products! Helped relieve symptoms of laminitis - our sincere thanks!

Pig Heaven

Written by Guinea Love on Jan 4th 2019

Guinea Pigs and Pocket Pet Pellets are a big winner in our house! Pellets are daily supplements for our chickens and pocket pets!

Chickens are digging this!

Written by Homesteaders on Dec 5th 2018

Ever since we read that CBD might enrich the yolks of laying chickens, we've been feeding Afina's Hemp Pellets for Farm Animals to our own chickens - and we love this product! 5 Stars for Afina!

Great help

Written by Newbie on Nov 20th 2018

Wonderful product for loading our horses! Will get the 1lb next time.

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