Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Extract 1000mg

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Premium, Pharmaceutical Grade PCR Rich Hemp Extract

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1000mg CBD Tincture (33.33mg/ml concentration) in 1fl oz bottle with graduated dropper. 


  • Highest Quality, Pure, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil
  • Fast Absorption
  • Zero THC 
  • No Additives or Added Flavorings - Natural Flavor
  • Continuous Lab Testing for Quality Control - No Metals, No Pesticides, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO Certified, Certified Kosher and Organically Grown Hemp
  • Easy to Administer
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliance
  • FDA Compliant Manufacturing
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing


Any Hemp Extract/CBD products may interact with OTC or prescription medications, so please consult your medical provider before taking any Hemp Extract/CBD products.  Click here for more information


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All our products can be taken as daily supplements to your current nutritional program and can be safely used in conjunction with most prescription medications.  Always consult with your healthcare provider for additional information regarding your specific medical condition and medications you take. Each 1fl oz bottle contains full spectrum, nutrient rich extract from organically grown hemp in pure hemp seed oil. Our products are:   *18 month shelf stable* *Designed for 1-4 servings/day* *Alcohol-free* *100% THC free (employer friendly)* *Only 2 ingredients: Cannabidiol and Pure Hemp Seed Oil*                               

Reviews (13)


Written by Chrisi on Sep 19th 2019

This works wonders! So much better than other brands I’ve tried! The grade is top notch and the price is perfect.


Written by Finlay on Jul 27th 2019

Afina my hat is off to you! Great product, and very responsive customer service. I'm taking fewer prescriptions now that I add Afina CBD to my daily vitamin schedule. So glad I found you!

Just WOW

Written by Sandra on Jul 21st 2019

Thank you Afina! So excited to learn that Afina now has CBD for people! I've been treating my dogs and cats with Afina CBD for their arthritis, and now I have relief for mine! Great product, fabulous customer service. The whole family thanks you!

CBD Works!

Written by Jackson on Jul 20th 2019

So glad Afina has CBD for people! Have had my horses on the CBD Pellets for Horses for the last year, and have seen improvements, so tried it myself. Afina CBD does not disappoint! The 1000mg for people has helped me with my arthritis, so thank you! Love the speedy delivery, and excellent product! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

Written by Harlan on Jul 17th 2019

Thanks to Afina 1000mg CBD tinctures, my pain is controlled safely without side effects. Passed employee drug test, and getting pain relief as well. Many thanks, Afina!


Written by Wanda on Jul 14th 2019

Don't like going to dispensaries so when my PA gave me the Afina brochure, I was grateful to be able to order it online. Received product quickly and most important - relief from chronic pain. Grateful to the Afina Team!

Great product

Written by Sholeh on Jul 7th 2019

Afina CBD helps me with my persistent aches and pains. Happy to add it as a daily supplement and thrilled you added to your product line!

Many thanks

Written by Dave on Jul 6th 2019

Tried other products, but my holistic doctor suggested to add CBD to my daily routine. So very glad I did! Afina is a great addition to my daily supplements. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about adding CBD to their daily regimen. Great customer service too - thank you, ladies!

Fewer Opiods!

Written by Alina on Jul 4th 2019

Have been taking opiods for chronic back pain for the last several years. My pain doctor gave me an Afina brochure. Seeing great benefits from CBD. I am able to stretch my prescription medication out and now take less each month. Customer support from Afina has been amazing.

Instant Relief

Written by HockeyPro on Jun 30th 2019

I sustained a shoulder injury while playing professional sports. What a lifesaver CBD has been for me. I get instant relief from pain after taking the amount Afina suggested. Many thanks


Written by Mitch on Jun 14th 2019

Feeling great immediately after taking Afina CBD for my neck pain and arthritis. Thank you Afina for great customer service and what a wonderful product - CBD daily is my motto!

Pain free CBD

Written by Miranda on Jun 14th 2019

Well, I had my doubts, but my doctor suggested I try CBD in hopes of reducing my prescriptions - it worked! I take fewer medications and my pain is controlled. Afina Rocks!

Anxiety Free

Written by Gilly on May 31st 2019

Thank you Afina! My teenager has panic attacks and your CBD has helped her manage them! She is applying for jobs and isn't worried about drug testing, as Afina is THC Free! Love the product!

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