You asked and we answered!


Afina® is pleased to offer a "Subscribe and Save" program! You can now receive regular shipments of the Afina products you need  - without having to go through hoops of repeatedly placing orders!  



How does "Subscribe and Save" work?

If you've already placed with us in the past and wish to order the same products again, just let us know!  By using the "Subscribe and Save"  option, you will automatically receive a 20% discount on Afina products and FREE SHIPPING (minimum 3 orders per year).

"Subscribe and Save" cannot be combined with other discounts such as the Afina Assistance programs or special promotions.

If you choose "Subscribe and Save", here are the steps...


Afina will:

  • Confirm the right products and quantities with you for your order.
  • Verify your shipping address.
  • Send you a "recurring" order to confirm the details.
  • Ship at the frequency you select, starting with your desired first ship date once the invoice is paid.
      • Example: You'd like your shipment every 3 weeks starting one week from now.


"Subscribe and Save" Program Information We Need From You:

  • Let us know how often you'd like product shipped. The minimum frequency is 3 times a year.  You aren't restricted to a timeframe (it can be every 15 days, 42 days, 6 weeks or 3 months).  Whatever makes sense for you, but please let us know!    When setting your first ship date and frequency of shipping, keep in mind it generally takes 3 or more business days to get from our shipping department to your home.
  • Be SURE to select the box to save your credit card information when the first invoice arrives to avoid delays in shipping. This will save you from delays in your shipment while it waits for you to go online and complete the purchase each time a shipment is ready.

If you would like to receive GroomBar® and/or other Afina® products on a regular basis, please complete ourSubscribe and Save Order Form and we'll take care of you right away.  To complete the form, click HERE 

If you prefer not to save your card - our system will provide you with two (2) reminders:

  1. Three (3) days before the shipping date you schedule.
  2. On the shipping date you schedule (and provide you with a link to complete your purchase).


We appreciate your business and so excited to be able to offer you this option!

If you aren't able to go online, you will also get a reminders one (1) day and three (3) days after the due date.  After that, we'll assume you have changed your mind and no longer wish to have the shipments.  To re-start, it's easy, just drop us a line and we'll send you a new invoice.